Friday, 27 August 2010

Sandra's Project Activity at Gedung Pencak Silat

[wpvideo K2mEVLSi]

Special Tumpeng

Its unbelieveable how attractive a simple tumpeng can be, check this out


Special Tumpeng design on Obama President of United States Innaguration
celebrated by his chilhood friends from SD Menteng


Specification of property:
- 1 M wide x 1 M lenght
- a pair of wayang tradional pupets
- pieces of wayangs in mini cards
- batiks (indonesian tradional fabric) for some back ground decoration
- miniatur of national monumen of jakarta
- miniatur of liberty statue
- miniatur of US and Indonesia flags
- vegetable decoration


menu (for approx 50 - 75 person)
- yellow rice / nasi kuning
- shrimp in red sauce / udang saus merah
- fried traditional chicken / ayam goreng kemiri
- beef rollade / rollade daging
- lyerd fried egg / telur dadar
- fried smash potato / perkedel
- fried meatballs in spicy sauce / sambel goreng daging printil
- fish satay / sate ikan
- sauted soy bean / kering tempe 

Monday, 9 August 2010

Pernikahan Adat Betawi


Privat Wedding Party for 3000 Guest


Its suppouse to be a huge empty space nearby the church 

Build up temporary luxurious tent

Put all the wedding party needs underneath

Whoilaa .... your own privat wedding party is ready :)